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65% of companies use remarketing for gaining customers and believe us It is the most powerful tool to capture Lead.

 Are you using it?

First, let’s understand What is Remarketing & How it works

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Google Remarketing

Google AdWords remarketing is a great way to promoting your business online and help you in generating the leads to quicker. By using the remarketing services you can easily target the past visitors who interact your website and the past visitors see these ads repetitively. We run these ads to help you stay connected with your audience even if they leave your site so that awareness and building good trust among past visitors.

How Does Google Re-marketing Work?

Re-marketing is also known as Re-targeting, as a Google advertiser, you can capture a list of the visitors through Google re-marketing code called a tag or pixel ( pixel is normally called Facebook Ads) to your website so that you can notch your remarketing audiences through cookies.

By identifying a specific audience we can build a powerful interface of relevant ad promotion and lower your cost per click. Google remarketing is cheap and quite affordable to many by others paid marketing methods.

Types of Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing helps you drive sales activity on your webpages, promote awareness for your brand among engaged audiences, and ultimately increase your ROI.

Remarketing through banner Ads 

We know that images say more than words. So graphic ads are the way which is used for remarketing. At Digital Team we craft for your specific needs through Google Display Network by using a wide range of pictorials to informative texts, the effectiveness in our adverts created will spell the difference so that your product remarketing is as effective as a curious visit with the best amble promotions to give an expressive remarketing performance.

You may have an idealization about our creative and visuals that we relate to your business goals. Have a look below:

Static remarketing services:  Motionless advertisement that forms an important tool in every website page commonly created for remarketing purpose.

Animated Remarketing Services: Animated advertisement is a great option to get attention of re-marketed visitors and help in improving brand visibility. 

Remarketing Ads on Facebook

Facebook is the worlds largest social media platform where you can promote your business and services for brand visibility. Re-marketing Ads on Facebook is the strongest way to generate greater leads in Facebook feeds, so we can reach to targeted buyers. The campaign can’t even be blocked by ad blockers and you know whom to target. So let your business move toward a resounding success through Facebook. As well as on Instagram.