Google Stop Showing Ads On The Right Side

by Mar 21, 2019

Google has come up with a new update and according to this google won’t show ads on the right side of Desktop Search Results Worldwide. This update is strongly going to hit Google Search advertisers. Resulting in a loss to startups and profitable for business owners with Good investments.

Google will remove ads appearing on the right side of the searches made on the desktop, instead of placing ads on the right side they would only appear at the top or bottom of the page.

Apart from this, you would see 4 ads instead of 3 in top results. The 4th place will be only for highly commercial businesses like “vehicle insurance” and “Hotels in Delhi” etc.

But, this Update has some exception like knowledge graph and PLA (Product Listing Ads) that will keep on showing both above and on the right side of the results.

Pros & Cons of this update

1) It will help new advertisers to compete.
2) Frequent change in the positioning of ads.
3) Addition of the fourth ad will increase the chances of conversions due to the increase in visibility in top results.

1)There will be an increase in Cost per click due to more ads.
2)This update will reduce the traffic on SEO results as it will display 4 ads instead of 3 leading to lesser visibility of SEO results.
3)This update will benefit Google more than the advertisers as its just a way to increase the earning from searches made.
4)The price of the top 4 ads will go to the roof.
5)This will make advertising more expensive.


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